It’s not only friends that are making music social on Zubble. You should be able to effortlessly discover music loved by a mutual friend, tastemaker or genre expert to provide the best people-chosen content possible. Introducing Zubble Explore..

Music for you

Your Stream is filled with music from people you know and trust. However, Explore exists to constantly deliver tracks shared by others you may be interested in but don't follow.....yet. Explore shows you shares by mutual friends, artists you are yet to come across and music fans who are into the same genre as you.

Song first, profile second

We want you to discover great music, which is why we think it's important to show song first and profile second. If you love a song you’ve selected on Explore, it’s easy to see the user who has shared it and go through to their Profile. Love their taste? Give them a follow to expand your music network and never miss their latest share on your Stream.


Have you ever fancied a complete change in what you’re listening to? By refining via genre in Explore, you can open up a whole new world of music chosen by the people who know that genre best. Simply choose a genre circle and immediately become inspired by jazz or catch the best electronic music for the party before town on a Friday night!

Explore what the world is listening to and connect with even more music lovers on Zubble Explore.


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