Today we launch the first Version of Zubble - a free social music app to share and discover tracks. We’re so excited to start this journey, connect with users and build the community!

Here's the link to download! -

Zubble was born from our time at university when we tried to discover music. What we found was:


1. People find radio, music TV channels and other options to discover repetitive

2. Music lovers remain disconnected

3. Talented unsigned are hidden away online


We always talk about music but there was no place to come together and collaborate. That’s why we developed Zubble. To break the boundaries and champion people-chosen music.

Zubble is an app to instantly recommend a song to friends, discover music from that person with great taste and to act as a fair space where the unsigned can flourish.

Rob, Jack and I have loved designing and developing Zubble and we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on. I really look forward to connecting with you on Zubble and hearing your thoughts on the app.

We hope you enjoy using the first version and we can’t wait to roll out new features in the future!




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Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @zubblemusic