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Nice to meet you! 👋

Zubble is a social music app and we’re connecting the world’s music community.

Zubble is the home to share music with listeners, discover quality curations with like-minded fans and grow your own music community.

If you haven’t read The Latest Zubble Updates, give it a read to find out more about why Zubble exists and how it works!

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Recently, development mode has been in full effect at Zubble, as we work towards the release of Version 2.

I wanted to let you know more about a new feature we’re working on.

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Top Tastemakers

In Zubble’s Version 2, we want to make it as easy as possible to identify quality, like-minded music fans. We all know at least one person who we think has great taste in music. On Zubble, we also want to connect you with knowledgable music fans who you don’t know.

This was reinforced when we spoke with users. They told us how they’re looking to find and connect with those who share a similar music taste, with the least amount of effort.

Influencers also voiced that, whilst they’re interested in discovering great profiles to follow, they want to have the potential to become well-known in the Zubble community.

We decided that a nice way to highlight great profiles to follow and to also reward users would be through Tastemaker Charts.

The Zubble Tastemaker charts display the top 8 Zubblers over the past 3 days.

Each genre on Zubble has it’s individual chart. So if you like Jazz, you can find the top Jazz Tastemakers. Like Rock? We’ve got you covered. Whatever genre you love, you can instantly find and follow those in the know.


Who could you find on the Tastemaker charts?:

Music blogs 💬

Over the past few weeks, it has been really interesting to connect with different music blogs who all share the same passion. We’ve worked closely with music bloggers during the development of Version 2 to help Zubble be a great platform to share music and great stories.

Music enthusiasts 😎

As mentioned above, everyone knows somebody who seems to listen to great music you’ve never heard. Once Version 2 is released, you could find a lot more to follow in Tastemaker charts!

Emerging artists 🔉

Zubble exists to connect the world’s music community. This involves both music listeners and artists too! Zubble offers artists the opportunity to share their music and what inspires their own sound.

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Will we see you on a Tastemaker chart?

As always, if there’s anything you’d like to discuss, ping me an email at tom@zubblemusic.com or leave a comment in the responses!


Co-founder of Zubble