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Zubble is a social music app and our mission is to connect the world’s music community.

Zubble is the home to share music with listeners, discover quality curations with like-minded fans and grow your very own music community.

Check out The Latest Zubble Updates to read more about what Zubble is and why it exists.

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The big release of Version 2 is getting closer! Rob, Jack and I are really looking forward to sharing the latest version of Zubble with the world.

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Introducing ‘Reactions’ 👏 😍 🔥

One of the new and exciting features we’re introducing in Version 2 is ‘Reactions’.

As you know, listening to music often inspires a lot of emotion. Strong connections can be made with certain tracks and music can influence how you feel.

Our users voiced how they believe that music is deeper than the ‘traditional like’.

That’s why, when we were designing Zubble’s social currency, tapping once on a uniform ‘like’ icon just wasn’t enough to communicate how a user feels when engaging with a post.

A ‘traditional like’ wouldn’t allow the consumer to adequately express themselves. It also doesn’t give the producer much insight into how listeners are reacting to their post

We decided to build Reactions, a new way to engage with posts on Zubble. Reactions allow much more expression and give the user control over their response to each unique post.

Check out how we designed Reactions on Zubble in the latest Zubble Insider article.


Launching a Slack group 🤘

During our Zubble journey, we’ve really enjoyed meeting and learning from so many interesting people all across the UK.

We thought it’d be great to connect everyone involved in Zubble!

The Zubble Slack group is the 1st place where we’ll talk to our core users, discuss future plans, potential updates and new features. It’s also where we’ll arrange Zubble meet-ups, let each other know about great gigs and anything else in-between!

If you’d like to connect with interesting Zubblers, make sure to get in touch!


Growing the community 🌍

In the lead up to the release of Version 2, we’re constantly meeting and opening dialogues with music enthusiasts, bloggers, music influencers etc. It’s great to connect with new people and tell them all about Zubble — the product, why it exists and the benefits for both consumers and producers.

With each new contact, we’re growing the Zubble community. As I mentioned above, we’re looking to connect everyone we meet on the Slack group so everyone can hopefully exchange some value!

If you know anyone who would love Zubble, let them know!

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Seen anything you’d like to discuss? Email me at tom@zubblemusic.com.


Co-founder of Zubble

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