Hello! I’m Tom, co-founder of Zubble.

Zubble is a social music app and our mission is to connect the world’s music community.

Zubble is the home to share music with listeners, discover quality curations with like-minded fans and grow your very own music community.

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We're starting this blog to keep everyone updated with:

  • Zubble news 🌎 📰
  • Notable stories or interesting decisions we’ve made 🎆
  • Future plans 🛰

See anything you’d like to discuss further? As always, ping me an email 👋 (tom@zubblemusic.com)

If you’re new to Zubble — welcome! It’d be great to connect!

                                    It was a hard choice between Lionel or Adele

                                   It was a hard choice between Lionel or Adele

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Before I dive into the first update, let me outline the problems that Zubble is tackling:

1. Algorithms

Streaming site home-pages are controlled by impersonal algorithms which are easily distorted and can often lead to erroneous suggestions. They’re devoid of any human touch or personality.

Plus, the echo chamber effect of ‘yet more of what you’ve been listening to’ can lead you in circles and doesn’t always satisfy the desire for something new or different.

2. People are hidden

Real and passionate music listeners are hidden beneath the streaming site super-curators who are operating under a mix of agendas. The knowledgable community is dispersed and the context and stories around tracks are missing.

3. Music sharing needs a home

Millions love to talk about music, yet do so in a makeshift manner across multiple undedicated platforms.

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Zubble connects the world’s music community on a purpose-built social music platform to:

  • Share music with your listeners
  • Discover more of the music you love + engage with like-minded fans
  • Earn reactions, feature on the Tastemaker charts and build your Zubble rep

The people-powered app places the power of music sharing and connectivity back into the hands of music fans. Zubble is fuelled by the expression of story, knowledge and personality.

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After that quick intro, here’s a few updates!

Competition win! 🏆

This summer we won the York Business Challenge 2017! We also won Most Innovative Concept too. Thanks to everyone who voted and to Santander for the generous prize!

                                           Tom, Rob and Jack in height order (also winning the York Business Challenge 2017)

                                          Tom, Rob and Jack in height order (also winning the York Business Challenge 2017)

New mentor 👨

Straight after, we were invited to spend a week in London with the Ignite accelerator. We learnt a lot, spoke with many great people (both founders + investors) and met Andy Puleston who is now our mentor. Good week!

Andy was previously the Head of Digital at Radio 1 and Digital Editor for Music at the BBC. He has kindly shared so much knowledge and experience. Our conversations with Andy have really accelerated Zubble’s progress! Thank you Andy!


Version 2 🚀

In the following weeks, Rob, Jack and I decided to focus intensely on customer development and user research. We spoke with users, artists, DJs, influencers, bloggers and more.

We also analysed the data collected from our Version 1 to help mould the direction of our next update.

I’d like to thank everyone who spoke with us so far and offered really insightful input (often at length!). Special thanks to Kate, Abena, Ash, Esther, Daniel, Sarah, Ryan, Andy, Mel, Eliza, Ashley, Cameron, Anthony, Mat, Alex, Louis, Ellie, Paul and more! 🙌

These conversations have shaped the direction of Zubble.

We blended the insights afforded to us from our user conversations with our research into platforms to form Zubble’s update which…

is now in development!

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Over the coming weeks I will explain more about Zubble’s innovative new update and the opportunities it offers music fans.

In Zubble Insider, a separate blog series, I’ll be diving deeper into the reasoning and thinking behind decisions we have made in the research, design and development process. So stay tuned!


That wraps it up! Now, over to you….

Let me know if you’d like to talk further about:

  • What we learnt from our customer development


  • What you’d like to see in the blog!

Watch this space.



Co-founder of Zubble

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