I’m writing this at a Starbucks in York in January 2017. We’re sat behind a wall where the staff at the till can’t see us as the £3 coffee I bought a while ago definitely doesn’t justify the time we’ve spent here.

The team and I are working towards the upcoming launch of Zubble.

It’s hard to imagine that a few years ago I began studying at the University of York to ignite my corporate career. Now Rob, Jack and I are preparing to release a music-sharing app!

In my second year of uni I got up early (for a student) and cycled into town. I felt great, the sun was shining and I thought the song I was listening to matched that perfectly.

I thought to Tweet, ‘If I could have a song for my day it would be….’. I pictured the process of finding the song, copying the link and then pasting this into a platform dedicated to 140 characters of text. On Facebook, links are easily missed due to the never-ending timelines filled with videos and relationship statuses. It felt messy.

My friends and I always talk about what music we’re into and who we should listen to. We weren't alone. There are over 130m #music and 4m #nowplaying photos on Instagram. Millions of people are taking screenshots of their phone playing a song and posting this online for their followers to see. But I can’t listen to a screenshot.

After this, I spoke with some amazing unsigned artists who described the difficulty achieving exposure for their music. The unsigned have websites to upload music onto the Internet, but can easily become hidden online. This can be due to being restricted to sites that are missed by the listener and social media dedicated to text/photos. With so much talent out there, it felt like a shame to only come across great unsigned artists with such difficulty. There had to be a better way.

My co-founders and I decided to develop Zubble - an app to quickly share and discover music with friends. Zubble delivers people-chosen content to your timeline which is constantly refreshed by friends, tastemakers, signed and unsigned artists.

Zubble was developed as we believe people choose content better than computers. We want to engage with our friends and people of interest on a social platform dedicated to music.

We’re not aiming to be an alternative to current streaming sites. Zubble is about users authentically discovering songs they never knew they loved.

The feedback we’ve got from both users and artists has been great and we’ve met some really cool people along the way. The launch is upcoming and we’re looking forward to building a music community powered by people/you!

We love using Zubble and can’t wait to discover alongside you.



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