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Making music social with fresh, people chosen content.

Explore and listen to music on Zubble.


Share your favourite track, what you’re listening to or a song for your day.

Add a caption and share with your followers.


Engage and discover with friends, tastemakers, artists and more.


Making Music Social.

Zubble is making music social.

Immerse yourself in music you never knew you loved. Instantly share and discover tracks with friends, tastemakers, artists and more. Unearth your next favourite artist, connect with those in the know and listen to the best up-and-coming talent from your city.

Zubble is the solution for ineffective connection between music fans, impersonal algorithms and stagnant content.

Your Stream is constantly refreshed with music from those who you follow.  Connect and listen to music on Zubble, comment on shares  to join in the conversation, favourite great tracks and re-share your latest  discovery.