Hello! We are Tom, Rob and Jack - Zubble co-founders.

Zubble began when Tom was cycling to town and listened to a song that he wanted to share with friends. But there was nowhere to do this. We found that radio, TV channels and impersonal playlists were ageing. However, millions of people talk to their friends about what to listen to or which artist to look up.

So we made Zubble.

Many of our friends who are unsigned artists also said they are stuck on clunky websites and easily miss reaching the right listeners. So we told them to come along!

Zubble is a simple social music app to share music and hear what the world is listening to. It also offers a space for unsigned artists to not only grow, but interact with their next biggest fans.

We are passionately working towards our vision to become the go to platform to discover music and would love to hear your experience of using Zubble!